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The Skills Companies Need Most in 2018 – And The Courses to Get Them

Whenever there is change, there is opportunity. With report after report showing the world of work changing faster than ever today, it’s fair to assume there’s more opportunity than ever. The challenge? It isn’t easy to know where that opportunity exists.

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M&A in Corporate Training: Investments and Acquisitions of the Fourth Quarter of 2017

Instructure, an SaaS learning and performance management tech company, acquired Practice, a video microlearning platform, in November. In December, Apprentice announced a $2.5 million funding round for its augmented reality solution for R&D and manufacturing performance support.

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Get the Most Out of Soft Skills Training by Providing Ongoing Support and Reinforcement

Interpersonal skills, the ability to get along with others, is just one of many categories of soft skills needed in the workplace. When lacking, the impact on an employer is huge. Consider these statistics:

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8 Strategies for Creating the Ideal Learning Environment for the Emerging Workforce

One size doesn’t fit all. Every employee has individual learning needs and styles. The key to creating a successful personal learning path strategy is to develop a plan that seamlessly blends the content with the needs and wants of each learner.

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Airtel chooses Oust Labs’ Micro Learning Platform for its Employee Learning Tool – Airtel 101

Bharti Airtel (“Airtel”) has chosen Oust Labs’ Micro Learning Platform for its interactive and gamified employee learning tool ‘Airtel 101’.

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