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7 things you need to know about engament

3-types of employeesEmployee Enengagement is what leads to extraordinary effort, when someone wants to go that extra mile, resulting in positive financial results.


  1. Companies in the top quartile of engagement, score 50 % higher total shareholder return than the average company.
  2. Engaged employees have 18 % higher productivity and 60 % higher quality than underengaged employees.
  3. Companies with highly engaged employees score between 12% and 34 % higher satisfaction ratings.
  4. Managers focusing on people’s strengths have 61 % engaged and 1 % actively disengaged employees
  5. Managers focusing on people’s weaknesses have 45% engaged and 22% actively disengaged employees
  6. Engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave an organization
  7. Engagement + Empowerment +Energy results in sustainable engagement.


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