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Invisible L&D is the future?

I recently read a great article from Bersin by Deloitte about invisible L&d. The article was released in september 2016 but it only catched my eye now. Bersin described the new L&D as working on : Leverage on L&D by being invisible 1) Stealth mode: L&D [...]

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Are you ready to deploy L&D for 5 generations?

In the graphic the American Bureau of Labor, the projected the workforce statistics for the year to come. 5-generations-management The bureau defines the generations as: Traditionalists, born prior to 1946 Baby Boomers, born between 1946 and 1964 Gen X, born between 1965 and 1976 Millennials, born [...]

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5 manieren om te inspireren en te motiveren…

In deze tijden van snelle transformatie kan "change" wel eens te veel zijn voor velen. Verandering roept altijd weerstand op en dan kan je als leider je wel eens afvragen wat je kan doen om je medewerkers te inspireren, motiveren en hun engagement op te pompen. Hieronder een [...]

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How to keep learners engaged

Modern learners in 2017 Bersin depicted it well, modern learners are awfully interupted, don't have enough time to go through 1hour training courses, want to find learning everywhere, at any time and additionally learning happens on -the -job... Waouw! what does that mean for learning solutions? [...]

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Recommondations to reinforce learning

In an article appearing on the website of the Rapid Learning Institute you can find 3 recommendations to leverage on e-learning. Researchers from Dartmouth College and Carnegie Mellon University conducted a series of experiments to shed some light on how effective learning is. The results were revealing. Type of learning [...]

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