50 % of HR managers fail in linking their efforts to business decisions.

I tumbled on this disturbing information reading the "ECB Global Assessment Trend -2014 Report" about HR practices. The report is the summary of findings of 1.400 HR managers spread around the world, with details on every region. The report says:" Despite the fact that HR is seeing itself as [...]

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HR’s Role in Strategic Thinking

I stumbled into some academic content thatHR managers lacking a strategic view are responsible that their company loses the battle of creativity and therefore endanger the existance of the organisation. The publication mentioned a strong correlation(0.74) between  strategic HR and the Innovativity of the company. This indicates a strong [...]

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Feedback AUB? – deel 2

Gisteren een schitterende training sessie gehad met dames uit de HORECA. Het onderwerp was feedback en klantgerichtheid. Op de vraag of ze van hun baas een complimentje kregen kwam er (opnieuw) heel weinig voorbeelden. Soms, heel soms krijgen ze een " merci", maar daar blijft het bij. De deelnemers [...]

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