Recommondations to reinforce learning

In an article appearing on the website of the Rapid Learning Institute you can find 3 recommendations to leverage on e-learning. Researchers from Dartmouth College and Carnegie Mellon University conducted a series of experiments to shed some light on how effective learning is. The results were revealing. Type of learning [...]

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50 % of HR managers fail in linking their efforts to business decisions.

I tumbled on this disturbing information reading the "ECB Global Assessment Trend -2014 Report" about HR practices. The report is the summary of findings of 1.400 HR managers spread around the world, with details on every region. The report says:" Despite the fact that HR is seeing itself as [...]

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HR’s Role in Strategic Thinking

I stumbled into some academic content thatHR managers lacking a strategic view are responsible that their company loses the battle of creativity and therefore endanger the existance of the organisation. The publication mentioned a strong correlation(0.74) between  strategic HR and the Innovativity of the company. This indicates a strong [...]

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