The definition for Coaching for me is: enabling and provoking of learning.

It is all about learning from yourself, from others, from the context where you are in. Robert Dilts pointe in his book ” From coach to awakerer”,  to the 6 rolls a Coach has to play, to awaken people.

  •  Guide: To explore and explain the context for the coachee. It is important for both coachee as coach to really understand the “Reality” of the coachee.
  • Coach( small C) : Make the inventory of the behavior and coach the behavior of the coachee.
  • Teacher: Provoke to learn, instruct for new competences.
  • Mentor: The coachee may see the Coach as a mentor for his beliefs, his values, his expertise. The Coach inspires the coachee
  • Sponsor: To support the identities of the coachee. As coworker, someones husband, the father, the colleague, etc…
  • Awakener:The coachee together with the coach discovers his mission.

Not all rolls will be present in each intervention of the coach, but all of them they might be present