//customer oriented my *ss – part 3

customer oriented my *ss – part 3

Yesterday evening, I went with my partner to the bank to discuss why she was going to shift from the bank to another. Of course they first wanted a meeting in order to ” offer” great opportunities !

It triggered the thought on why they did not do that earlier and that the moment you threaten to leave, they have plenty of time. So my wife was frustrated when she entered the banking agency.

The investment specialist came first with products and then he showed off with how much experience he had ( the smug) so that if there was any doubt about his capabilities, they were now gone. After 45 minutes of monologue came his first ( 1st) question!

” Do you still think we are not thinking of you as our customer ”

I was furious, he never asked a question nor gave any intention to deal with the frustration of my wife about their lack of pro-activity!

After the meeting we agreed on 3 things:

– Attention: none, he was purely oriented towards himself

– Comprehension of her situation: None, he was just forcing her to understand him!

– Complimenting the customer on the action : None
We also agreed that he was an expert on his domain (investments) but that we were unable to trust him!

Customer oriented = a zero!

It is a pitty to see that an employee of one of the big banks here, is so well informed , and at the other hand makes every mistake you can do on being customer oriented!

The bank will lose my wife as a customer asking themselves what they did wrong!


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