I am very proud on the fact that I was able to launch my career in the Communication  training business 15 years ago, leveraging on my experience and expertise I build up in my career in different branches. Jewelry, Retail and Web Project Management, together with my Master Degree Applied Economic Sciences . I did not do that by taking any shortcuts, but I could achieve it successfully because of my unconditional faith, focus, discipline, commitment and eagerness to learn.

As a result, I was able to grow as a communications specialist and trainer more quickly than my peers. Now, as a communications trainer-coach-speaker, I help people in companies to go for their passion, to plan with commitment and discipline and to speak and interact with others with faith to become even more successful in work and life.

I am not sure that those kind of skills would be of interest to you, but if you are looking for making a difference, maybe we could connect on LinkedIn and have some coffee some time together, to see how I could be of value for your organization.

I have lead various communication skills trainings for companies : E.g. Besix, Delhaize, Provinciaal Instituut Vorming en Opleiding, Fod Financiën, Fod Justitie, Ofo , Aramark, eandis, Batc, Post, CBFA,…

Social skills training themes in my trainings ( Dutch and English in order of preference)
Audience focused Presentation Skills,Non Verbal Communication -What do you say, when you say nothing? ,How to conduct a conversation with internal/external clients,Personality styles with Disc, Negotiating skills – Becoming a Top influencer, Client focused communication

As an author, I wrote the book “ Hoe zeg ik het”” together with my friend Professor at the University of Ghent, Philip Roosen.It deals with various situations in healthcare and how to have a conversation during these moments.

Values that drive me:

Honesty – Integrity – Leadership – Variety – Perseverance – Humor – Flexibility – Focus – Mental Strength – Curiosity