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Working in a team

Raise your hand if you were ever a member of a non-efficient team?

I know a lot of you are sometimes bored and frustrated about how that happens.
Problems are not focussed on, the elephant in the room is not seen, decissions keep on dragging,
Enthusiasm and engagement are fare fedged things- let along people te become accountable for.

There is good news too, team cohesion and effectivity can easily be lifted using a couple of good quality questions, insights and applications.

If you watch the video you can find out how F1-teams beat a worldrecord by changing 4 tires in less than…seconds, executed by…people.
Think about it, how many seconds do they need?
With home many people are they around the car?

Find out in the video and I will supply you the necessary questions to reflect about for your team!


10 Inspiring team-efficiency lifting questions about the F1?

  1. What did the F1 team so exceptionally well?
  2. What did they DO to arrive at that point?
  3. Who is in charge and Why? Wat does he doe exactly and what doesn’ t he do.
  4. Where does the attention go for each of the team members
  5. Are there people watching over their shoulders to help in case of?
  6. How well do they have to know the expectations?
  7. How are they communicating with each-other?
  8. What does the driver focus on during the session?
  9. What has the driver have to just before and just after the session
  10. What was the final result?

What can you learn for your team?

Make analogys with your team working a a task.
Make sure you have a mission to accomplish
Make sure you know your strategy and your tactics.
Be sure everyone knows what the expectations are for his/her team
Have someone in charge!
Clean up the mess in your communication.
Be sure you know your final result, how it should contribute to the purpose and which criteria it has to meet.

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